Officer arrested in Kuipa rape

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POLICE criminal investigators at Boroko have arrested and charged a 28-year-old police constable with raping “mystery human rights lawyer” Helen Mark Kuipa in a police cell.
Officer in charge of CID Mark Yangen yesterday confirmed that Danny Karayo, from Kagua in the Southern Highlands province, was arrested and charged with raping Kuipa while taking her fingerprints in the cell in the early hours of March 7.
Kuipa was arrested in Badili’s Talai settlement for helping suspected bank robber William Nanua Kapris and 11 others escape from the Bomana maximum security facility on Jan 12.
Last week, two police cell guards were suspended pending the outcome of investigations into the rape report lodged by Kuipa.
Mr Yangen said the other guard, after giving sufficient evidence to CID investigators, was cleared late last week.
He said it appeared, from evidence provided by the second cell guard, that Karayo was under the influence was liquor while on duty.
He allegedly committed the offence while left alone to collect Kuipa’s  fingerprints.
Karayo was charged under section 347 of the Criminal Code Act. He faces a minimum of 10 years if convicted.
Police Commissioner Gari Baki yesterday expressed disappointment at this incident.
“I’m extremely disappointed. It is uncalled for, from a policeman. I’ve given directions for him to be charged,” Mr Baki said.
Karayo is scheduled to appear in the Waigani committal courts today.