Officer: Balthazar is active

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The National,Tuesday17 January 2012

HIGLANDS Correctional Service officers have praised Acting Commissioner Marthin Balthazar for driving the department in the right direction.
A senior Correctional officer, Insp Peter Warea Baisu, based at Baisu jail in Western Highlands, said Balthazar had brought tangible changes to the department.
He described Balthazar as “an action commissioner” as he had set out to fulfil the promises he made during his first visit to Baisu last November.
He said all outstanding travelling allowances that had not been paid since 2010 were out paid last December.
Warea said many promises had been made by the previous management but had not eventuated.
He said retired officers worried that their pensions had been stopped by previous management had seen them back on pensions.
Staff praised Balthazar for re-introducing the pension as they would benefit when they retired.
He thanked Balthazar for paying the 7.5% pay increment for the correctional officers as bonus on top of their pay as it would boost their morale.
Warea urged the government to fast-track the permanent appointment of Balthazar as commissioner.
Two high risks prisoners who escaped from Baisu prison were recaptured by officers on duty last week.
They are likely to face fresh charges of escaping from custody.