Officer: Control your children

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The National, Monday December 16th, 2013

 UNDERAGE drinking is a major concern for East New Britain parents, an official says.

ENB community policing officer Michael Periwanga said there were reports of  primary and high school children smoking drugs and drinking alcohol.

Periwanga said that worried many parents and school and community leaders.

He blamed parents for not being in full control of their children in their homes.

“Parents, you are responsible for your child’s upbringing. You are responsible for your children,” Periwanga said.

“Ensure you have the power to control your children, it’s a shame if your children control you instead.”

He strongly urged parents to discipline their children while they were still at primary school and train them to decide independently on doing right according to law and Christian principles.

Periwanga said that was because many primary school students were used to their peers making decisions for them.

He added that high and secondary schools provided a different environment for teenagers.

Periwanga said parents should consider that not all children who walked into high and secondary schools came from strict disciplined backgrounds and may easily influence their children.

He said for that reason, parents should assist their children while they were still young and in primary schools to understand the consequences and social problems associated with drinking alcohol and smoking drug, and other illegal activities.

He warned students in the province to keep away from alcohol and drugs as they were a distraction and had great potential in ruining the students’ future.