Officer: District faces law, order problems

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The National, Tuesday October 8th, 2013

 LAW and order remain a major problem in the Kandrian district, West New Britain, says provincial police commander Samson Siguyaru.

“If we do not address it then it will continue to affect service delivery,” he said.

Siguyaru said this yesterday while appealing to stakeholders in the province to help the police to build a proper police station in Kandrian.

He said current police station was rundown and in a very poor condition.

“Our two policemen have been working in this condition for the past 20 years and there are no police houses,” Siguyaru said.

He said that after an inspection meeting with representatives from the district administration, he was assured that the district and the provincial administration would support the project.

Siguyaru has identified five old unoccupied houses belonging to forestry and now hopes to find out the status of the houses.

“I have asked logging companies at Kandrian to assist in renovation if forestry gives the thumbs up for police to occupy some of those houses. I need to send five officers there before end of year,” he said.

Siguyaru said the provincial government had supported with K250,000 to build a new station next to the old station.

He said he had secured land for the new police station.

“I submitted my budget to the provincial government and an annual budget to the police department for next year. I call on Kandrian district to support. I appeal to all stakeholders and business houses to support and address the problem,” Siguyaru said.

The provincial police commander said recent fighting at Kandrian that left two people dead was a result of inadequate police presence in the district.