Officer fosters peace in Sudan

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The National, Friday 10th Febuary 2012

WHILE the nation tries to come to terms with the political turmoil and the loss of lives in natural and man-made disasters, Papua New Guinea Defence Force officer, Major Nicholas Henry, does his bit to return normalcy to a country ravaged by natural and man-made disasters as well.
Henry was posted to the new nation of South Sudan, on the continent of Africa, towards the end of last year in the first such engagement by a member of the PNG Defence Force.
In an email message, Major Henry said, as the only Papua New Guinean on the UN mission, he proudly flew the national flag daily.
He said he would continue to do so until he returned after completing his six-month tour of duty.
Many local Sudanese authorities are proud of his contribution and although he is the only one there, he has made many patrols into the rural areas and provided the UN with valuable information.
Locals refer to him as “brother from the Pacific”.
He sent pictures of himself in discussion with a fellow UN peace keeper and a patrol setting up camp. 
On a recent outing, his team set up camp in the Unity State (or province) in South Sudan. 
From this camp they set out for a patrol to the Nile River.