Officer in Madfac case suspended


THE policeman who threatened students at the University of Papua New Guinea Medical Faculty (MedFac) with a rifle on Monday has been identified and suspended from duty and the firearm had been removed from him.
Police Minister Bryan Kramer said after receiving news of what happened, he reported the matter to police headquarters.
Kramer said he was pleased that the officer involved had been identified, suspended and the firearm recovered.
He said charges would be prepared and laid against the officer.
Kramer said under the new police hierarchy there would be zero tolerance of police ill-discipline.
He assured the public that every incident needed to be reported to his office or brought to his attention for him to address.
It was reported by the students that the policeman with some friends were under the influence of alcohol when they went to the school’s premises.
They were playing music loudly when four students approached them and explained to them that they were making a lot of noise and were disturbing the students.
The policeman and his friends swore at the students and threatened them.
The students insisted that the conduct of the policeman and his friends was disturbing the community but the officer and his group refused to listen.
One of the students then went to a staff member’s house to explain the situation but was told to go away.
The policeman then allegedly took a gun and pointed it at one of the students while two others ran away.
The incident was reported to MedFac security personnel who rescued the student who was held at gun point.


  • Mas nogat ples in the whole of Moresby city so ol painim go lon Medfac lon drin beer blon ol. Shameful! Don’t deserve to wear the uniform if that’s what makes you think you can point a gun at any civilian, let long a student.

  • Very good, Kramar!. About time those small minded, rogue policmen/women be removed as they do not deserve to be in force.
    Am glad this grade 6 rogue policeman has been removed , taim blo colecttim bottle na salim now, no more income!.
    to the stupid woman who allowed them to drin k in her place at MADFAC, shame on you.! you should be removed also.

  • Waste of taxpayers money in paying for the salary of rouge policeman. Their only job to wear their uniforms, arm themselves and harass the innocent citizens. Those type of corrupt cops think they are above the law and the law does not apply to them. Sack them as their brain is like a vacuum which contains nothing sensible.

  • Not all policemen and women are bad only a few spoiled the name and image of the RPNGC, especially those in the big cities like Port Moresby, Lae. But when you look into other remotes places you will find more dedicated and committed policemen and women serving the people with true spirit of the police service.

    Therefore, when making comments on policemen and women be specific and speak in a way that some committed officers would be at ease, maybe have these rogue police officers’ names on social media for the RPNGC hierarchy to see. Otherwise have the officer-involved arrested, charged and go to jail and dismiss go home na wok saksak/planim kaukau.

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