Officer: Manage land properly

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The National, Friday 14th of February, 2014

EAST New Britain deputy administrator Levi Mano has called on the people and the provincial government to manage land properly.
He said population growth was rapid in the province and it was critical for people to manage land to avoid disputes.
Mano said many people in the province and in the country were fighting over land and that had hindered the implementation of a lot of projects.
He said the East New Britain provincial administration defined land as a commodity that could be used to grow the local economy.
Mano said it was not just about the ownership but management as well of land in East New Britain was vitally critical.
“We have to use the land for good returns, it depends on how we manage it,” he said.
He appreciated the roles and functions of the East New Britain Land Board, adding it was a way ahead in effectively and correctly managing land.
Mano urged people in East New Britain not to use the land as a vehicle to disunite family relations such as clanship.
“Land will be here forever, we should only learn to manage it better. We, as a province, should be able to unlock land and share it for the benefit of all.
“We must open all opportunities so we can reap good benefits. We should give up the idea of limiting ownership,” Mano said.