Officer praises MP for initiative in upgrading facilities

Normal, Sports

The National, Friday 7th September, 2012

NATIONAL Capital District Commission youth officer Rex Kuman is in support of the Moresby Northeast MP and Vice-Sports and Pacific Games Minister Labi Amaiu to take stock of all major sporting facilities in his electorate.
Kuman said it was good to upgrade the sporting facilities such as Port Moresby rugby league, Port Moresby netball, Port Moresby softball, Port Moresby soccer and Port Moresby rugby union all belonging to established and revenue generating associations.
He praised Amaiu in taking the ownership of these facilities to upgrade, improve and develop it into an international required standards for the local athletes and also for the Pacific Games 2015.
Kuman is aware that the quality and standard of the venues would ensure the safety and performance of athletes to be competitive and improving their standard to be top classed players.
He appealed to the other three National Capital District parliamentarians to fund the upgrading and development of the major sporting facilities at Boroko.
“I know there is a budget of K1 million each for sports and youths and these funds should be put to good use.”
He also appealed to Amaiu to consider upgrading other  public facilities such as the Unagi oval, Erima Park, ATS (Oro settlement field), 8-Mile field (between McGregor & 8-Mile) New Wild life school field and others.