Officer raped woman in police station


A POLICE officer has been found guilty of raping a woman in a police station in Port Moresby three years ago. The woman was being locked up in a cell.
National Court Judge George Manuhu found Jericke Mokmane guilty of sexually penetrating her twice while she was in custody at the Boroko police station. Mokmane, 31, from Kombokande village in Kerowagi district, Chimbu, was attached to the Boroko Public Safety Unit at the time of the incident.
The court heard that on Dec 13, 2015, at around 1pm, the victim was brought to the police station by her boyfriend after she was alleged to have had sexual affairs with another man. While in police custody, the accused sexually penetrated her on two occasions, the first in a toilet and then in a room. She was later released and she went to another police station at Waigani and reported the matter. The accused was arrested and charged.
Justice Manuhu said the evidence in relation to the incident was from the victim and the offender, which the court found credible given the victim’s account and details about what the accused did.
She gave evidence that she was sexually penetrated, first in a toilet and then in a room at the police station.
Justice Manuhu said the victim during the trial answered questions fairly and properly and the court considered the issue of questions raised against her by the defence lawyer from the Public Solicitors Office regarding the timing of the incident in relation to the evidence.
“As for the accused, the court is of the view that he has appeared to be an untruthful witness, he did not answer questions directly, but prepared steps to give long-winded answers which in my view is a calculated response by an evasive witness,” Justice Manuhu said.
“It’s not easy for a woman to make up false accusation against a serving policeman. The accused has no explanations as to why the victim, who do not know him, would make such false accusations against him.
“Keeping her in the cell was for her own protection as stated by the accused. And to turn around and make such serious allegation against the policeman who did her a favour by trying to protect her does not make any sense.
“There was no medical report provided because the victim explained her inability to obtain one. The absence of a medical report does not mean much since the victim was an adult woman and would know exactly what was done to her.
“For those reasons I find that the accused did sexually penetrate the victim on the said date and location, therefore he is guilty as charged.”
The matter returns on Feb 8.

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