Officer supports idea of remote districts getting additional funds


A SENIOR Finance Department officer has agreed for remote districts to receive additional funds in their districts services improvement programme (DSIP) funding to deliver government services to their people.
Finance assistant secretary (Southern region) John Muli said there was a report by the National Economic Fiscal Commission (NEFC) about the difficulties faced with logistics and transportation in districts such as Samarai-Murua in Milne Bay and Telefomin in West Sepik.
Muli said this on Friday during the presentation of the Samarai-Murua 2018 DSIP acquittal report to the Department of Implementation and Rural Development Secretary Aihi Vaki.
“Samarai-Murua is different from other districts due to its geographical location, so the cost of delivery of services is challenging and I agree. NEFC has mentioned it to the National Executive Council (NEC) to have such districts receive additional funds for logistics. And if NEC agrees with NEFC, then we should see an increase by 20 per cent in DSIP funding for such disadvantaged districts,” he said.
Muli said the department would push for NEC approval to help disadvantaged districts.
He said they were aware that Samarai-Murua district development authority (DDA) still had an outstanding of K6.5 million to receive in funding since 2012 and the department would establish service improvement programme funds to capture that outstanding.
Meanwhile, Samarai-Murua DDA chief executive officer Hillary Wilson said they had received K6.5 million for their 2018 DSIP funding and had spent K4. 3million.
He said they received K9 million last year and had spent K5.2million.
“We also have an outstanding of K6.5 million since 2012 and would like the Finance Department to assist us access that funding.”