Officer wants death penalty enforced

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THE law on death penalty has to be imposed so those accused of practising sorcery or committing murder should also be killed, according to senior police officer.
Asst Comm of Police (ACP) Northern Peter Guinness said people lacked respect for each other.
Providing an update on crime reported in Madang, ACP Guinness said the province had reported the highest number of murder cases this year.
“That is not good,” he said.
He said four suspects, in a murder on Wednesday, at Talidig, along the North Coast of Madang in Sumkar, were arrested and detained at the Jomba police station in Madang town.
ACP Guinness said the four were allegedly trying to escape.
He said at least seven people were murdered in four weeks in Madang.
Among those killed were a woman and a child.
ACP Guinness said two weeks ago, a woman was allegedly killed by a man who had tried to rape her after killing her husband.
“I had instructed Madang police commander (Supt Mazuc Rubiang) to keep the woman who had murdered the man who tried to rape her and her daughter,” he said.
“She was helpless so he had to do that.
“But investigation will reveal all that.”


  • BK is not a law makers or constitutions drafter of our country that you people are looking for????whom are we going to blame????let all our members of parliament to debate and come up with a final solutions which is other than DEATH PENALTY,coz we are christain country and believe in our Heavenly Father.And always ask him before everything we do,please never let the DEATH PENALTY to take place…..

  • PNG is ruined by sin starting with the small man on the street to MPs and judges and everyone in between. PNG is not a christian country.
    PNG is cursed through the Parliament House depicting Haus Tambaran which is evil. GOD does not tolerate evil.
    Tear down the Parliament building and build a new one. Will rise up again

  • I agree mr Guinness, dead penalty is the right call and we can’t blame BK or political leaders..individuals choose to kill for their own motives and reasons so as the saying goes “reap what you sow “…Start taking responsibility and stop the blame games and stop breaching about Christianity..lso just exercise dead penalty immediately.

  • Dear Mr.Eddie you are right by saying “individuals choose to kill for their own motives and reasons”but they will be judge accordingly by our creator above when judgement comes to proof them guilty .How can you exercise the death penalty when majority of our citizens are christains and knows the blibical truth where it totally against the death penalty.Let only few people who are sick in mind by killing other people to hand up in prision for life and die there rather than execute death penalty…

  • Tooth for a tooth DEATH PENALTY if it was a family of mine i would say death penalty as those responsible will never stop doing it once they get away with it the first time and the secound time the accused could do it to a family member…

    Apply Death Penalty…

  • There is not such thing as prison for life in png. every year there is always jail break outs, some of this break outs are inside job. Consecutive government is not doing anything about it.

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