Officers allegedly destroy vehicle

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A POLICEMAN and woman in Milne Bay have left their boss red-faced and in search for an explanation after they allegedly wrecked a donated vehicle on an unauthorised trip in the early hours last Sunday while under the influence of liquor, provincial police commander Supt Peter Barkie says.
He said the pair were under investigation after rolling an Australian Federal Police (AFP )-donated vehicle about 50 kilometres away from Alotau town.
“Both went to a remote area, about 50km away from Alotau town, and overturned at the steep Benny Range near the border of Central and Milne Bay in the early hours of Sunday,” Supt Barkie told The National.
“I’m very disappointed and embarrassed as the Alotau Police Station commander was not aware of their trip.
“I’m also disappointed because our good friends (AFP) donated the vehicle to us as we had no vehicle to move around.
“This also indicates that there is a breakdown in command at the station level (and) we will have to seriously look into it.”
Supt Barkie said the two were suspended for 21 days.
He said they were ordered to provide statements as part of the investigation.
“Although the vehicle was completely wrecked, the policeman and police woman escaped with minor injuries,” the commander said.


  • The top cop must order damages to be assessed by a reputable workshop in Alotau and the repair costs to be met by the couple. Set that precedent and let that be the process from here on. That should make people take responsibility and accountability for state owned resources that they are entrusted with to serve the country.

  • Just remove their entitlements to cover the cost of the vehicle. Nothing much to say.

    Waste of public funds.

  • Very sad situation. I only wish that we Public servants can respect government property and think big.. PNG needs to move forward and such attitudes and behaviours are uncalled for.

    Ting ting na wokim samting.. We are not kids. It’s a shame, for us to wreck a donated vehicle especially by Australians.

    Shame pasin yah, grow up..PNG.

  • Such incidents, when left unattended to or without anyone being held responsible, goes a long way to contributing negatively to the command and control, of the Force.
    They need to be held responsible for the damages through their own entitlements so it sends out a message to all other reckless officers.

  • None above the law, 1. It is against the law to drink and drive, 2. It is also against the law to consume alcohol in or on a state own properties, the police chief of MilneBay should look into these 2 simple rules and deal with the couples accordingly

  • The couples to meet the repair costs & dismissed from the force. It’s not their Birth-Right or Family Business.. Over to Mr. PPC & Authorities

  • We will see how the Police hierarchy will deal with situation. It looks like there is no control and command over the force. It’s not only bad but frightening.

  • Alcohol is always the case. Waste of public funds.
    What a shame, law enforcers or drunks on parole?!


  • If pngdf can discipline soldiers criminally n’administratively for involving in drink n drive accident at Hagen early this month, why can’t RPNGC do the same? Police top brass n its law are too linient to deal with officers involved in such accidents thus we see unnessarry incidents of similiar occuring regularly with no care attitude by members.

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