Officers end training

The National,Wednesday June 15th, 2016

Nineteen policemen and women from National Capital District, Central and Gulf completed a three-week leadership training on frontline supervision at the Bomana Police Training College in Port Moresby last Friday.
They were the second lot of non-commissioned officers to have undergone the training.
The first 30 from the same provinces completed the course in February. Deputy Commissioner for Police (operations) Jim Andrews, said the course was designed by the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary to address the lack of command and control in police stations around the country.
“The core function of frontline policing is at the station level and this is the area that has been neglected over the years,” Andrews said.
“And that is why the development of this course is to address this problem.
“We hope that in the long run we will be able to bring this problem under control so that police station commanders and the senior non-commissioned officers that are stationed at the provincial and station level will be able to give proper and strong command to their members.”
He challenged the two police women and 17 policemen to practice what they have learnt when they returned to their respective stations.
Bomana Police College Commandant Chief Supt Perou N’dranou said it was an important that supervisors were trained before being given ranks and the course could be used as a qualification programme.