Officers nabbed taking beer in police car


A POLICE officer in Southern Highlands was arrested while another ran away after they were trying to transport 20 cartons of beer in a police vehicle from Mt Hagen.
Provincial police commander Gideon Kauke said the two officers in the police vehicle managed to go through the Kagul bridge checkpoint but were stopped at Walum Junction by the Eastern End task force police.
They suspected that something was amiss when the police vehicle the two officers were using sped off at high speed.
He said they gave chase and caught up with the two.
“They found that the policemen were from Kagua police station. One fled into the bush and was arrested,” Kauke said.
The one arrested was charged with smuggling alcohol and failing to comply with police instruction.
The 20 cartons of beer were confiscated as evidence.
He said they were trying to find out why the two police officers were trying to sneak the cartons of beer through checkpoints. There is a liquor ban in Southern Highlands.
“People must stop requesting policemen to (transport) beer along Highlands Highway. It influences officers to take part in illegal activities.,” Kauke said.

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