Officers reach 55 and told they are going home


THE Correctional Services has identified 68 officers who are due for retirement this year, says acting Commissioner Stephen Pokanis.
Of the 68, 22 officers have reached 55 while 46 have opted for voluntary retiurement.
Pokanis said every officer reaching 55 should retire, giving the opportunity to physically fit,healthy men and women to replace them.
He said they were going tolook at the cost of settling the officers before they leave the department.
“Because of funds problem we have them still sitting in the office,” he said. He hopes new legislations will confirm the compulsory retirement age at between 50 and 55.
Public servants are required to retire at 60 but in some cases they leave at 65.
“The oldest we have in the office is 69 years old and is about to leave now,” he said.
He said the organisation planned to establish a social benefit system, a pension system so that officers could quickly leave when their time arrived.
“In previous years most of them are not sure whether to leave or stay,” he said.
“Pension is the way forward to at least give them something, appreciate the contribution they have given to the country.”

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