Officers should not become trigger-happy, says Pastor


POLICEMEN carrying firearms should know when and where to discharge them, the vice-chairman of the PNG Christian Leaders Alliance (PNGCLA) Ps Daniel Hewali says.
He was not happy with what he had been reading in this paper regarding the death of 86-year-old Rodha Dick, allegedly shot by police in Alotau on Dec 6 last year when they were pursuing notorious criminal Tommy Baker and his gang.
Hewali said police officers and soldiers who were issued firearms should not become trigger-happy, meaning they should not use the firearms as toys to play around with or take it lightly when they were to shoot someone.
Proper training should be given to officers who would be carrying firearms, he said.
He said on behalf of the (PNGCLA), a church group, he wanted justice for the family of Rodha and other victims.
“We are all humans and we must treat each other with respect as we treat ourselves and our family. When we respect ourselves and our family, we will respect others,” Hewali said.
He said police and doctors must speed up investigation to allow the body of the woman to rest and enable the family to do a closure.

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