Officers urged to develop ethics

National, Normal

The National, Thursday August 1st, 2013


A GROUP of new Lands Department officers have been urged to develop good work ethics.

Deputy secretary corporate affairs Oswald Tolopa issued the challenge yesterday during a presentation of certificates to the seven officers from the Highlands region.

“This is the beginning of your journey to joining the public servants, its all about dedicating yourself to the call that should start off with humility because pride will lead you to go off the track,” he said.

Tolopa said the country was growing fast with a booming economy and they may be tempted not to adhere to their work ethics and responsibilities as lands officers.

“I encourage you to maintain patience and to uphold the integrity of the department and work hard to climb up the rank and file. Your behavioural conduct must be in line with what you are required to do. 

“The Government is putting a lot of money into the districts and you have very important roles to play as lands officers, physical planners and valuers so do your work correctly,” he said.

He urged the officers to develop self-confidence and good attitudes and to avoid inducements and bribes.

Training officer Ishmael Meksie said the officers had fulfilled the basic requirements of public service general orders and Public Service Management Act to qualify for them to obtain certificates.

He said they had learnt about the roles and responsibilities of public servants and their respective job descriptions.

“I urge you all to avoid unethical behaviours and uphold good ethics, as your respective performance will be monitored and assessed by the department,” Meksie said.

The next presentation of certificates for the New Guinea Island region will be done in Kokopo tomorrow.