Officers warned about extortion


Central police commander Laimo Asi has warned police officers not to extort money from the public.
Asi issued the warning after two officers under his command were suspended for alleged extortion.
He said that the two officers were arrested after a member of the public placed a report with the police.
“I will not tolerate rogue police officers under my watch,” he said.
“Further investigations will be conducted for criminal proceedings to be instituted against the officers.”
Asi said that the two officers arrested a man for driving an unregistered and uninsured motor
vehicle whose registration had expired.
“They detained the man at a road block set up in Central and then brought him to Gordon Central police station where they pretended to arrest him and told him to pay K500 as bail and released him.”
Asi said that the man laid a formal report with police and the two officers were suspended last Tuesday.
He said that officers who took money from the public would be suspended and could also be removed from the force. “If someone commits an offence, arrest them and charge them. If bail is applicable, then allow for bail proceedings by following the proper procedures,” he said.
“When you take money from the public over an offence then you are also committing a crime.”

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