Official calls for ownership


EDUCATING a child is the business of everyone and not just the Education Department, acting Morobe education adviser Keith Jiram says.
Jiram said the department ensured that there was a functional system for positive integral human development from elementary to secondary, tertiary, college and technical level.
“Together we can deliver as much as we can for a sound economy and a harmonious society for good standard of living,” he said.
Jiram said Vision 2050 promoted developing a healthy, wealthy, happy population.
He said Government departments and agencies, churches, training institutions and others that provide services to the people should review their structure and strategies to achieve this challenge.
“Although PNG is defined as a country with an agriculture base, development taking place in the country is dictating to us a shift from agriculture to an industrial base,” he said.
“In doing so, we have to create a mind-set shift.
“Take a hard look at what is happening around the country. Can we keep on telling our people to keep growing food, cocoa and others while foreigners take highly paid technical jobs and operate businesses that Papua New Guineans can do?”
Jiram said locals should be able to operate a grader, bulldozer, crane, forklift and train to take up other technical jobs and positions.

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