Official dismisses bribery claims

Stephen Pokanis

CORRECTIONAL Services Commissioner Stephen Pokanis has brushed aside allegations of bribery in the recruitment of the latest intake of warders.
“These allegations are from serving PNGCS officers whose children were not recruited after failing the entry test,” he claimed.
“I have made it clear, any person with genuine complaint to write directly to me and point out matters for me to deal with.
“It is difficult to deal with allegations.
“I need specific facts,” the commissioner said.
Pokanis said after sources expressed concern that recruitment officers from the Correctional Services headquarters in Port Moresby received more than K6,000 in bribes to recruit new warders in the latest nationwide recruitment drive.

One thought on “Official dismisses bribery claims

  • In future, we should engage Australian and NZ recruiters to help scrutinize all applicants who have applied to join our disciplinary forces. The Australian or NZ police, Defence and CIS recruiters must be engaged to do the job and not corrupt Papua New Guinean officials!

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