Official: Diverse PNG, Solomons lost in time

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A CHURCH leader says Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands are diverse but are cut off from development and lost in time.
Catholic Bishop Conference’s secretary for social communications Fr Ambrose Pereira shared his perception on development in PNG and the Solomon Islands.
“They lack the basics of water, shelter and clothing,” he said.
“Health and education are limited and as the fourth world, they lack the connectivity needed in our digital age.
“Dubbed the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’, the Solomon Islands has a vast variety of flora and fauna, 992 mountainous islands and coral sea atolls with crystal clear water.
“While PNG, widely called the ‘Land of the unexpected’ with over eight million people, 800-plus languages and tribes with different cultures and traditions, but sadly the country rates extremely high in violence and in the abuse of the weaker sex.”
Recalling his last two decades of missionary work in the country, Fr Pereira said he learned to appreciate the people over the years with their knowledge of Mother Nature and the ability to manage with the minimum.
“You have a high IQ and are able to perceive, read and understand situations and people,” he said.
“ Once you build on your ‘rhythm of life’, you will do excellently anywhere in the world.
“We need to harness the talent, zeal and energy of our people and get them involved in the positive aspects of the media.
“This is not only to their advantage but to the benefit of all in the community.”

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