Official: Give more voice to women


THE lack of women in decision-making roles is a barrier to their involvement in economic development activities, an official says.
PNG Business and Professional Women’s Association vice-president Valentina Kaman mentioned this during the launching of a white paper policy yesterday in Port Moresby.
Kaman said such challenges could be addressed through the white paper policy discussions with stakeholders of women empowerment.
“It would take the collective efforts of organisations already in the space of women empowerment to realise the three key areas entailed in the policy,” she said.
The key areas include unlocking the economic potential of women in Papua New Guinea, strengthening economic potential of women and promoting a culture of inclusion.
“This policy is our contribution. The next step is to have discussions with all stakeholders and organisations within the space of women empowerment,” she said.
“Whether the government endorses it, is at its discretion.
“However, we have the opportunity to inform women through the policy and shape our programmes to meet the challenges.”