Official: Health facilities supplied PPEs to last 3 days


ALL health facilities including the Port Moresby General Hospital are supplied personal protective equipment (PPE) to cover the next 72 hours on a daily basis, an official says.
St John Ambulance (SJA) Commissioner Matt Cannon said PPE supplies were counted and reported daily.
“We use a pharmacy software called RxOne to manage the stock of PPE. So each day, we distribute a stock supply of 72 hours.
“This ensures that all facilities have a two-day supply in advance. Every single day,” he said.
The SJA volunteered to assist in operating a central warehouse for the storage and packing of PPEs and other supplies.
Cannon said to get supplies, the Provincial Health Authority and Port Moresby General Hospital must submit an online form to them daily.
“St John then prepares the orders daily, and all orders are collected by 5pm each day,” he said.
Cannon was responding to complaints by some nurses that there was always a shortage of PPEs.
He thanked volunteers in Port Moresby who had been packing kits for public health facilities in Port Moresby.
“I cannot thank our volunteers enough. We put out a call for help. These volunteers are people from the community who stepped forward to support others.”

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