Official: mission call for all


THE call to mission is for everyone in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands Vice province, Catholic Bishop’s Conference secretary for communications and youth Fr Ambrose Pereira says.
Pereira highlighted that Salesian priests guided them with their faith, religious brothers worked with youths, and the sisters gave their time and energy to spreading the Good News so they should not forget that the call to mission is for all.
He was also grateful for the efforts and commitment of lay people who served at Don Bosco Technical Secondary School.
“Every week lay volunteers dedicate their weekends to lead Catechism classes for children of the newly-established parish which is a sacred ministry for those who donate their time and talents,” he said.
Pereira said the Salesian co-operators shared their talents and gifts in a practical way.
“The love of Christ and neighbours drives the mission in our hearts to serve one another,” he said.
“Every Sunday, these amazing people go out to different communities and offer basic medical check-ups for blood pressure and sugar levels for the people of the village which helps them to create a plan for a healthier life.”
Pereira prayed for all the missionaries that they may be blessed and continue their ministry.

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