Official: MPs get that much


ACTING Clerk of Parliament Kala Aufa has confirmed that all MPs are paid at least K12,000 per fortnight, while ministers, governors and MPs appointed to various offices receive more than that.
He confirmed the figures revealed by Madang MP Bryan Kramer in The National yesterday.
Aufa said MPs received different remunerations according to the positions they held.
“Governors get extra, chairmen of (parliamentary) committees get different rates and a normal MP without any portfolio or not on any committee gets around K12,000 per fortnight net salary,” he said.
“If you’re in Government, you get a committee chairmanship. So that’s extra.
“Positions like the leader of Government Business or Government whip get extra allowances.”
Meanwhile, an MP, who wanted to remain anonymous, also confirmed that he receives around K12,756 a fortnight.
The MP told The National yesterday that what Kramer said was true. “I am chairman of a committee as well as deputy chairman of two committees,” he said.
“So I get more than what he gets.
“So what he is saying is true and I feel for him.
“But that depends on the terms and conditions on positions each MP holds.
“Those who have certain position receive higher.
“And ministers receives much higher allowances and their salaries are much more different.”
A former minister also said he was getting around K17,000 a fortnight. “But I’m not really sure whether that applies to all the ministers,” he said.
“Some ministries might vary from others but I’m not sure.”
A former MP, who was a vice-minister, told The National that he received around K15,000 a fortnight.
“Apart from the salary, minister also have certain privileges in the departments they look after. So there are other benefits and privileges apart from the salary they receive every fortnight,” he said.