Official sees men as key players in addressing gender violence


MEN should play a big role in eradicating gender-based violence around the country.
Western Highlands community development child and family services manager Peter Nepiel said men were the ones who must speak out if they came across a gender-based case.
“This is not the work of the police or the law-enforcement agencies.
“It is the people who can say no to gender-based violence,” he said.
“It can be controlled and minimised if men take the lead to do away with the mentality of disrespecting their partners.”
Nepial said women aged 18 and above suffered at the hands of disrespectful husbands and men.
He said violence usually stemmed from food, money, alcohol, gambling, prostitution and sexual assault.
Nepiel said men acted in a violent manner to defend their wrong-doings and shortcomings.
“If we see that a woman is bashed by her husband, other men should stop that instead of allowing the helpless woman to suffer.
“If we see a girl assaulted, men must not stand there and watch but to rescue her.”
Nepiel said the next time it could be one’s daughter or wife or even mother.
“It is not good to ignore but to provide care and support to the person who is assaulted or gets beaten,” he said.