Official urges government to support private schools


ACTING chancellor of the University of Goroka Joe Wemin is urging the Government to recognise private schools and institutions and subsidise them.
He said this at Zion Zeal Christian Academy graduation ceremony on Oct 29.
Wemin said parents of students at private schools were tax payers as well.
He said those students were PNG citizens and would contribute to the country’s development.
Wemin said it was unfair that private schools did not receive any financial support from the Government.
He wanted the Government to identify and help provide land to private schools so they could build schools.
Wemin said most private schools in cities or towns were established in residential areas which was not proper.
He said the Government gave land to foreigners for commercial purposes and settlers to settle but now should consider giving it to schools and institutions in order to develop human resources.
Wemin said partnership was important and wanted the Government to consider private schools and institutions as their partners.
Meanwhile, Wemin acknowledged the Government and the Education Department for giving licences to private schools and institutions to operate.
He said more of such help and recognition were needed to educate future leaders and build human resource.