Official urges graduating students to be innovative thinkers


GRADUATING students from the Aiyura National High School have been urged to be innovative thinkers and disciplined role models if they want to lead the nation in future.
Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC) senior executive Imbi Tagune said during the school’s grade 12 graduation on Oct 30: “This school has a rich history. It has produced some of the finest leaders in politics, public service, business, academia and sports.
“It has set a high standard which you should strive to uphold as you enter the next phase of your life.
“I believe the two years you have spent here has equipped you with the appropriate skill set and knowledge to face the next challenges that await you.”
Tagune reminded the students of the sacrifice their parents made to ensure they were enrolled, in community, high school and at the national high school.
“For many of you, the money your parents raised to get you this far is about all they can ever earn in their lifetime,” he said.
“They will be proud that you are graduating today.
“It represents a small return on their investment.
“But the road ahead is long and remains hard and challenging.
“It is fraught with pitfalls.
“You should set goals and be focused as you work towards achieving them.
“Be smart and innovative.
“Challenge yourselves to excel all the time.
“Never give up. Who knows, one day, one of you will go on to lead an organisation such as the MRDC.”
Two hundred seventy-nine students graduated with grade 12 certificates.
Tagune was pleased to learn that a good number of students attending the school were from the resource project areas of Southern Highlands.