Official urges leaders to solve hospital woes

The National,Wednesday June 29th, 2016

FORMER Western Highlands premier Lucas Roika wants leaders in the province to look at ways to help solve issues affecting the operation of the Mt Hagen hospital.
Roika claimed there was a problem in the management, the doctors or the board, and leaders should intervene.
He said it was the people who were affected because basic health services in the hospital had  stopped.
He said the leaders could not pretend that everything was running smoothly.
Roika said the hospital was a level-six hospital, which was the second largest in the country and a regional referral hospital.
He called on Governor Paias Wingti, William Duma (Hagen open MP), Benjamin Poponawa (Tambul – Nebilyer), Koi Trappe (Mul-Baiyer) and Wesley Nukundi (Dei) to step in to help address the problems.
“Why I’m calling on my leaders is because this hospital is in the province and they have to take the lead and have a word with the doctors, staff and the board,” Roika said.
“You (leaders) are the way and the ones suffering are your very people.”
He said the doctors and nurses were taking a stand because they might not be happy with how the hospital was run.