Official visit finds no one at work


ACTING Southern Highlands’ provincial administrator Joseph Cajestan is looking to remove government officers in rural areas who are not performing.
Cajestan, during his visit to Bosave local level government in Nipa-Kutubu district on Friday, found that there were no one at work. All were in Mendi. Bosave LLG is only accessible by air.
“I want the (LLG) president and his people to provide names of government officials who are supposed to be in Bosave but idling in Mendi doing nothing,” Cajestan said.
“If it means to change them, I will make sure they are removed.
“They are key officers who are supposed to be on the ground and provide us with information of people’s needs.
“They have failed their duty and ought to be removed.
“It is because of such people that this LLG has been stagnant for many years without receiving any tangible government services.” Cajestan promised the people that the provincial disaster coordination team would provide water tanks for every village.
Bosave LLG president Benson Gobi said 33 villages which would require a tank each.
He said they also needed roofing irons and chain saws to produce timber
Gobi said some water tanks had been delivered in by air and given to schools, aid posts and churches.
He spoke about the importance of churches in such remote locations.

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