Official wants more players from outside


NATIONAL Capital District (NCD) school cricket regional manager Sekevai Gebai wants more players from outside the city to push for a places in the men’s and women’s national teams.
He made the call during Bank South Pacific’s (BSP) school cricket programme restart at the Amini Park yesterday.
Gebai said he had noted an increase in interest from participants in Highlands and New Guinea Islands (NGI).
“Most of the participants are coastal people from the Southern region but we would like to have people from Highlands and NGI,” he said.
“There should be at least two or three players from those regions in the Lewas (national women’s team) or Barramundis (men). That’s my aim.
“Four years ago, we had a player from Highlands and he came really close to making the national team.
“Last year, we had 90 per cent of our boys go make the Garamuts (junior men’s team) and most of them came from NCD schools.
“But my aim is to help players from outside centres make the national team.”
Meanwhile, Gebai encouraged programme participants to build their interest in cricket while being mindful of education.

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