Officials among 730 university graduates

National, Normal

The National, Friday March 7th, 2014

 TWO senior public servants are among officers from government institutions who will be graduating from the Divine Word University’s Madang campus on Sunday.

Customs Services Commissioner Ray Paul will graduate with a Bachelor of Management (Customs) degree and Registrar of Companies Alex Tongayu will be graduating with a Master of Public Administration degree. 

They are among 730 graduates who will graduate from the university’s 19 departments in the four faculties.

DWU’s Dr Maretta Kula-Semos said the public servants’ study was made possible through the Department of Personnel Management.

Paul turned 41 on Tuesday. 

He replaced former Commissioner and now Oro Governor Gary Juffa in September 2012.

Tongayu is the Registrar of Companies with the Investment Promotion Authority.

DWU president Fr Jan Czuba said their graduation would be a positive achievement not only for them but the whole apublic service which has been scrutinised in the media for poor performance and ineffective service delivery.

“This is something good for the public servants and the country as a whole. 

“Let us show the world that Papua New Guinea is not really that bad,” Czuba said.