Officials promote code despite challenges


THE Basketball Federation of Papua New Guinea (BFPNG) is finding ways to promote and develop the game despite the Covid-19 pandemic.
BFPNG officer Jordan Sere, accompanied by volunteer coaches Norma Dobunaba, Apia Muri and Nestor Sape, travelled to Daugo island for a Hoops For Health session.
The BFPNG team took a 45-minute boat ride to the WWII airfield.
“We received a request from Daugo Primary School headteacher Donald Sarufa about a basketball programme for their school,” BFPNG president Nick Daroa said.
“We were very happy with them reaching out because after cricket, basketball was the second sport to be introduced to the area with proper programmes.”
Sere and the coaches welcomed more than 100 children for the session which focused on the basics of basketball while teaching the benefits of an active lifestyle through the sport.
In preparation for the programme, the team worked on a makeshift basketball rim beside the school and played on sand because of a lack of resources on the island to play the sport.
“It was a great day for basketball because we were able to share our love for the sport to the people of Daugo,” Sere said. They were happy to play and learn the game despite the limitations we had.
“But it gave the children a dream of having their own court in the island.
“A child requested for help to set up a court, so we are helping them look for potential partners or sponsors to fulfill that dream.”
Sere reiterated BFPNG’s commitment to help grow the sport and bring about positive changes in communities.
“We believe that basketball can be used as a beacon of hope for our communities,” he said.
“It’s a tool for us to help PNG in our own little way.” – Fiba

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