Officials to explain Covid-19 centre

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A COURT has summoned government officials to explain steps being taken to set up a Coronavirus (Covid-19) facility in Madang.
National Court resident judge Justice Vergil Narokobi ordered acting provincial administrator Clement Tare and the National Pandemic Response Controller David Manning, or their representatives, to appear in court at 9.30am on Monday to explain.
Justice Narokobi issued the order on Tuesday after the court received a complaint concerning the spread of the Covid-19 in the holding cell at Jomba police station.
The complaint was lodged by the public solicitor office lawyer Delilah Ephraim through an application on the enforcement of human rights.
Justice Narokobi after hearing the application on Tuesday ordered the Madang health authority Covid-19 team to conduct a further Covid-19 tests on the detainees who had not been tested.
The court also released 15 detainees from the Jomba cell to self- isolate at their homes for 14 days.
It also ordered that the Madang health authority Covid-19 team with assistance from police will conduct a second Covid-19 test on the 15 detainees on Aug 18.
“Subject to any bail application, if the results are negative, they shall be remanded in custody at Beon Correctional institution by Aug 19.
“This order is deemed to be sufficient warrant of commitment for all purposes known by law for detaining these detainees at that correctional institution until further order of the National Court or district court.”
The court released eight detainees in the Jomba station cell on the condition that they kept the peace and to report to the arresting officer every Monday until their cases had been dealt with by the court.
The court ordered the Madang health authority Covid-19 team to conduct counselling services to the detainees and their families when in self-isolation at home.