Ogio: Say no to ‘PNG time’

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PARLIAMENTARIANS are among the worst offenders in following the so-called “PNG time” and not keeping appointments or being late for work, Higher Education Minister Michael Ogio has said.
Mr Ogio said Government caucus MPs were among the worst offenders, with the majority of the members turning up late for meetings and only “two or three members” always arriving on time.
He said Madang Governor Sir Arnold Amet and himself were among the few MPs who always turned up on time.
Mr Ogio said keeping to the “PNG time” and turning up late for work and appointments was a national weakness that must be rectified by the younger generation coming through the education process.
He was speaking at the inaugural “Thanksgiving and commissioning” service of final-year degree students at Divine Word University in Madang last weekend.
Mr Ogio called on the outgoing DWU students to be agents of change and ensure they were always punctual.