Ogio wrong choice

Letters, Normal

The National- Friday, January 14, 2011

 I JUST don’t understand why the government has settled for Michael Ogio for the post of GG (The National, Jan 12). 

He is a current MP and minister so what else does he want? 

There are many qualified citizens for the post yet the government decided to endorse someone who speaks like a school dropout.

Ogio just cannot change his shoes like this because he has done virtually nothing for the electorate during his term as MP.

For example, the Kokopau town on the northern tip of Bougainville is supposed to be the best site for a satellite town but is sitting idle like a ghost town.

The highway from Kokopau to Tinputz is like a bush track, let alone the deteriorating health and education infrastructure. 

Where did he spend millions of funds allocated to him by the Somare government?

The only reason he accepted the nomination is because he can not retain his seat come 2012. 

What a shame!




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