OHE: Gr 12s need extra effort

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The National, Monday 20th August, 2012

THE Office of Higher Education says Grade 12 students will have to perform to the highest standard to secure a spot in tertiary institutions.
Selection coordinator Thimon Bune said at least 14,500 students were vying for 4,500 spaces in tertiary institutions this year.
This means around 10,000 students will miss out on being selected for further studies.
Speaking to Grade 12 students in Western Highlands during their careers expo last Friday, Bune challenged them to strive hard as tertiary places were limited.
Bune said the grade point average had increased to 2.5 and students would have to score at least two Bs and two Cs to be eligible for selection.
He said while competition was stiff, students would have to score higher than that and choose courses wisely depending on their marks.
He said the province ranked in the top five top scoring provinces and he had faith the students would do well in the coming examinations.
He said OHE did not do the selections but only facilitated them, and the expo gave students the opportunity to talk to selectors as they were attending the expo.
Bune said last year, the province had done well and should maintain that pace this year.
Provincial guidance officer Ben Mallari, who retires next year after serving the province and the highlands since 1975, has been the students’ mentor.
Mallari said students should use the exposition to ask questions in order to make informed choices on their school leaver forms.