OHE has failed to do its job properly

Letters, Normal

MORE than 7,000 students were offered financial assistance when enrolling in various colleges and universities under the Tertiary Education Study Assistance Scheme (Tesas).
It was set up to replace the former national scholarship scheme (Natscol).
While it is good to read that the OHE is trying to recoup the money, how is it planning to do that when it has no database or system to monitor borrowers and loan defaulters?
Isn’t it a shame this highly reputable organisation does not even bother to keep records of former students?
If it does not have such simple records, how can it ask the Inland Revenue Commission to help it recoup the money?
It now boils down to the honesty of these recipients to front up at the OHE to make arrangement to repay the loans.
That should not be the case.


Terence Yaka