OHE spends K1m a year on scholarships

National, Normal

THE Office of Higher Education (OHE) spends up to K1 million a year on scholarships for students attending higher education institutions, OHE director-general, Dr William Tagis, said.
These scholarships come under the Tertiary Education Study Assistance Scheme (Tesas), which succeeded the National Scholarship (Natschol) in 2000.
There are four categories – the academic excellence scholarship (AES), the higher education contribution assistance scheme (Hecas), self-sponsored, and the private/corporate/foreign governments sponsor.
Dr Tagis said that under Natschol, the Government paid for all the needs of a student – from tuition fees to board and pocket allowance.
Under Tesas, the Government and the student share the costs.
Dr Tagis said that money was also set aside for students to borrow on the understanding that it would be repaid.
The loan applications are considered by the Tesas committee, which decides which loans to approve.
Every year, more than 300 students, mostly at universities, apply for loans through this scheme.