Oil palm plantation not the answer for Turubu

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The National

MORE than 95% of land in Papua New Guinea is owned by traditional land owners.  
This means landowners need to properly consult and consider the usage of their land for development purposes.
They must consider what kind of crop that contributes best to the conservation and sustainability of the ecosystem and environment.
Unfortunately, oil palm is not the best choice.
The price of palm oil has been fluctuating pretty wildly in the last three years and palm trees cause negative impacts on the land.
As such, the oil palm project in Turubu is not the best option for the people or environment.
I am also unhappy with the way traditional landowners in Turubu are being treated by the company behind the project.
Many of the landowners are illiterate and they were not involved in any formal discussions on the usage of their land.
I am against oil palm plantation because harmful chemicals such as fertilisers and poisonous pesticide would be used.
The usage of these chemicals would cause our water source to become toxic and in the long run, causes more harm than good for the people and river community.



Local observer
Turubu, East Sepik