Oil Search improves medical ward

The National, Wednesday July 13th, 2016

THE Hela Provincial Hospital medical ward has received a facelift of K300,000 funded and implemented with the support of Oil Search.
It concludes the first phase of the Oil Search redevelopment work which resulted in K1.5 million worth of infrastructure improvements at the hospital.
Director of Nursing Services Freda Makanda said the refurbishment of the medical ward was a high priority.
“Its completion improves our staff’s ability to provide good patient care, increases safety and is a morale boost for patients and hospital staff.”
A team of 10 tradesmen worked on the refurbishment project over nine weeks under the direction of an Oil Search supervisor.
The ward has more windows to improve ventilation and light.
Other work included the replacement of flooring, removal of internal walls, more lights, new showers and toilets, storage areas, a storage and dispensary area, and a new front drainage to reduce water and mud pooling in front of the building.
Makanda said: “This public-private partnership between the Hela provincial hospital board and Oil Search has resulted in a healthier workplace for staff, patients and visitors that will support improved health outcomes for the people of Hela.”