Ok Tedi takeover – Western suffering in silence

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 16th, 2013

 I REFER to the statement from Sir Mekere Morauta about “More suffering in Western province because of PM’s attack” (Oct 7).

The prime minister’s decision to take ownership of Ok Tedi Mine Ltd may not be right for the people.

I have been in Western recently before I moved out of the province and I have seen that people there, especially those in the mine impact regions were very confident working with PNGSDP and OTML and openly voiced their views in discussions. 

Any review in the policies or projects, PNGSDP and OTML always had consultative meetings with the people. 

They implemented policies and projects in the best interests of the people. 

It is sad to read Sir Mekera’s statement that just a short time after the takeover of OTML by the government, health and education projects in Western are closing. 

People are losing jobs and the communities are hurting. The people of Western are suffering in silence as they see their leaders going along with the prime minister.

PM, please keep your word if you are planning to get better benefit packages for the people of Western. 


Lawrence Rox Miria