Okapa in dire need of specialists

Letters, Normal

The National

I REFER to the letter “Get your facts right” (The National, Nov 28, 2008) by “Sting Stitz”.
The writer’s letter to the editor was an attack on my reputation and misguided on the development issues in Okapa, which cannot go unchallenged.
The writer appeared to have a good deal of knowledge on the history of Nupuru to Okapa roads project in Eastern Highlands. 
This particular project did not come out of thin air or without the input from professional civil engineers like me in getting feasibility studies, costing and documentation aspects of this project in place.
If there are better alternatives to develop Okapa, I welcome the writer to join my team to assist our local Member Bonny Oveyara to develop our district. 
Okapa is in dire need of specialists who have hands-on experiences in dealing with multi-million kina projects.


Philip Pairen Tandagu
General manager – road maintenance
National Roads Authority
Port Moresby