Olga announces Govt’s commitment

Highlands, Normal

WESTERN Highlands Governor Tom Olga has announced a K21 million commitment by the National Government to fix roads throughout the province.
Mr Olga made the announcement last Friday at the Queen Elizabeth Park in front of a huge crowd during his Independence Day speech.
He said the Government was planning to focus on improving human resources and infrastructure, adding that money was already in the province and provincial engineering divisions would take part
in coordination and managing the
road work.
Mr Olga said people should return to their land to grow food crops for a growing, hungry urban market throughout the country.
He said that good roads would mean improvement in education and greater access to basic services by those living in remote areas.
Mr Olga said being independent meant people must change their ways of living, change their attitude, and support the Government’s development initiatives.
“Don’t wait for free handouts. This makes people lazy and less committed to fend for themselves,” he said.