Oliguti-Lufa roadwork complete

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LIFE-risking travel on PMVs between Lufa station and Oliguti junction in Lufa district, Eastern Highlands province, is now a thing of the past.
People are now enjoying much shorter travel time into Goroka town and are able to return before the sun sets.
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Government provided K12.77 million for the 10.5km upgrading and sealing of the road.
Lufa district office said the contract was awarded to an international contractor, CMC, but was terminated for non-performance.
Local contractor, MMK Transport, was brought in to complete the work.
The people of Lufa station, Gouno and beyond can now travel on upgraded and sealed roads.
Regular road user John Maipo  said he was now  spending less time travelling
to town and back.
He said he had never thought traveling in a 15-seater PMV bus to Goroka town and back to Lufa in such a short time and in comfort.
“The upgrading and sealing of Oliguti – Lufa road has a lot of impact on the lives of the people.
“In the past, people who wanted to travel into town had to walk distances to catch PMVs, which are always risky during wet weather,” Mr Maipo said.
He called on the Eastern Highlands provincial government to provide funding for regular maintenance.
“We will take the responsibilities to provide voluntary service to keep the road up to date,” Mr Maipo said.
He thanked the ADB for the funding to upgrade and seal the Lufa road and the Works Department for the constant supervision provided in guiding and advising the local contractor.