Olo auctioning jersey to help club


RABAUL Gurias utility Stanley Olo is auctioning off his jersey to help raise funds to prepare his Port Moresby-based 2-Mile United for upcoming rugby league nines tournaments.
He told The National yesterday that United had supported his career and it was only fitting to return the favour.
“United have always been behind me so I want to give something back to them and the 2-Mile community,” the SP Hunter said.
“When the season was over for us at the Gurias, I came back home and started training with my United teammates.
“But I saw that the club needed financial assistance which was why I had decided to auction my jersey.
“I’m also helping with training and coaching at the club.
“I enjoy it because I’m working closely with the youths in the community through the game I love.
“We play in the Port Moresby South League competition but with the current situation of Covid-19 in the country, we will be competing in nines tournaments next month.
“So I’m hoping to secure some financial assistance for the club.
“The main thing I want everyone in our club to have is discipline and the right attitude.
“These are what make great sportsmen and women.”
Olo also challenged young rugby league players to lift their game and be better citizens off the field.

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  • This is what is required of every player in whatever level of game played. The young you are a role model for your club at six mile. Six mile has been a notorious place for gangsters and your gesture of support will help our youth in ncd. Good on you and keep it up

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