Ombudsman Commission going through law review

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THE Ombudsman Commission is undertaking a legislative review of the Organic Law on the commission, Chief Ombudsman Michael Dick says.
Presenting the commission annual reports for 2014 and 2015 to Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae yesterday, Dick highlighted that though the reports were presented two years late, it was a requirement under the constitution that State agencies file annual reports and submit them to the government so that it can deliberate on their performance every year.
“Apart from the commission’s duty of conducting investigations and fighting corruption, one of the important highlights of the commission is that we have for the first time undertaken a legislative review of the Organic Law
of the Ombudsman Commission and the review is at its final stage now.”
Dick said the legislative review was necessary to ensure the Organic Laws of the commission were up to date to meet the changes in the society and the country as the Organic Laws were drafted 40 to 50 years ago and had never been reviewed since.
The chief ombudsman said another highlight was the first housing project the commission initiated which has seen eight houses built in 2015 for senior officers of the commission.

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