One assumed dead, others injured as three vehicles collide

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The PMV bus that was involved in the accident. – Nationalpics by Joel Hamari.

A MAN is believed to have died and others injured in a road accident involving three vehicles at 5-Mile in Port Moresby yesterday afternoon.
Taxi driver Chris Beng of Western Highlands, whose car was hit by a truck, said he was driving from a side street into the main road when he saw the truck and bus colliding.
The momentum of the collision carried the truck towards his taxi. Beng said he managed to jump out of his taxi which was badly damaged.
No comment could be obtained from police late yesterday.
But one eyewitness said the man who died was in the bus sitting next to the driver in front.
He said the accident happened at around 4pm.


  • PNG drivers just do not know what traffic rules are when they drive on the roads in POM. You just have to be careful when you drive there. Basic rules like who has the right of way, maintain your lane when going around roundabouts, stop at stop signs, etc… are never adhered to by those drivers in POM.
    To make it worse even the cops do not know the basic rules too, which makes you wonder – Accidents are prone to happen anytime….

  • Looking at the damage side of the bus, which is on the left, it tells me that probably the bus was running on the right lane of the road to warrant such damage, or otherwise the bus was pulling out of a ‘T’ junction road and without stopping to see if there was any oncoming vehicle on the main speedway and just drove out, and with the speeding truck ramming onto its left side. If that is the case, then it is a total negligence on the bus driver’s part. This is the thing with most bus drivers, they think they own the roads

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