One dead, another hospitalized, police conduct patrol in fighting area

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A MAN was seriously injured at Siar village in Madang and transported to Modilon hospital by police but was pronounced dead and another man remains in hospital with injuries.
Both resulted from a fight at Siar.
Madang police commander acting Supt Mazuc Rubiang said the deceased, Smith Anea, 23, of Siar village was injured during a fight on Tuesday between some groups of settlers at the back of RD Tuna Canners.
He said the fight started on Sunday between drunkards of Siar and ward seven youths and on Monday the leaders of that community went to find ways to solve the fight.
A fight erupted and the man was wounded and later died.
Supt Rubiang said some houses were burnt down during the fight when relatives of the deceased found he had died at the hospital.
He said police were there since the fight started on Tuesday to contain the situation and make sure that nobody was hurt or properties damaged.
He said they would continue to patrol the area until the situation was calm.
Supt Rubiang said there was a big settlement at the back of the Rd Tuna Canners Ltd yard where settlers from different parts of the country lived.
He said the suspects were still on the run and urged the community to assist police to bring the suspects forward and let the law deal with them. Supt Rubiang said ensuring peace was everyone’s responsibility.

One thought on “One dead, another hospitalized, police conduct patrol in fighting area

  • Another case of alcohol abuse that is amplified even worse in a settlement environment with different ethnic groups living together. whatever the true story is, it all comes down to having a good law and order committee set up in places like this and in all communities, villages in PNG. Otherwise PNG will still go down this road of senseless killings and destruction. A clear example of TAKING BACK PNG in its simplest form…Our Behaviour Change.

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