One more Covid-19 death

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A WOMAN has died of the Covid-19 in Port Moresby, becoming the sixth coronavirus fatality in the country so far, an official says.
The 39-year old passed away on Sept 6 at the Port Moresby General Hospital, with the National Capital District now reaching 300 confirmed cases.
City residents have again been warned of the community transmission in the capital city.
National Pandemic Response Controller David Manning urged people to strictly follow the Covid-19 protocols.
He also called for more testing to be done throughout the country.
The national total is now 511.
The 13 provinces affected so far are NCD (300), Western Province (185), Central (seven), Morobe (five), East Sepik (three), East New Britain (two), West New Britain (two), Milne Bay (two), and one case each from Southern Highlands, Eastern Highlands, West Sepik, New Ireland and Autonomous Region of Bougainville.
“I call on the people to be vigilant, and for health facilities to continue testing,” Manning said.
“Only through testing can we identify those infected, isolate, quarantine their contacts and prevent further transmission.”
He said the majority of the cases were mild and moderate.
More than half (56 per cent) of the cases were asymptomatic.
In Port Moresby, a 27-year old female was one of the confirmed cases who got tested at the St John Ambulance drive-through testing centre at Taurama.
She was swabbed on Sept 7 after experiencing influenza-like illness, headaches and chills.
The other new case is a 26-year old lawyer who lives at Hohola.
He got swabbed at the Rita Flynn Isolation Facility on Sept 7.
A 42-year old male who experienced a sore throat, fatigue, fever and cough tested positive at the Paradise International Hospital.


  • Enough of this nonsense! Current PCR testing is based on amplifying samples which increases the chance of detecting false positives. So more testing will result in more numbers but to what end?? Let’s tone down on the fearmongering and toeing the WHO and international interests line.
    Refocus on the economy and addressing the bloody health system to save lives from curable diseases!

  • Testing is bringing unnecessary anxiety among people so I think other centres are not testing. People in other centres are living life as normal. No social distancing, but are practicing hand washing and putting on face masks. Have faith in God and practice normal health practices in line with the protocols or directives. I think the pandemic act was enacted without wider consultation. We come to God by faith (Heb 11:6) and Church services must be conducted as normal with no restriction.

  • JSlevi, if you died of covid-19 and asked the Creator why he let you die when you put your faith in Him, I’m sure He would tell you: “I gave you all the warning and directions you needed to avoid covid-19 but unfortunately you did not take notice of them”. What a pity!!!

    • Josef if you are not a christian I accept your comments. If you are christian wholeheartedly surrendered to Jesus, that is not a problem. If you die from covid 19 or any other illness and rest, Jesus will resurrect you at His second coming. (1 Thes 4:16,17) Bottom line (Ps 91- Have Faith in God and He will protect you or deliver out of this pandemic.

  • COVID-19 is secretly orchestrated to lure in The NEW WORLD ORDER…One World Gov’t.
    China & USA will become joint-police force pushing UN into empowering the EU with the Finance from World Bank Group. Interestingly, EU is made of 10 World Nations according to Rev;13-the Beast with the 10 horns. And guess what; EU will push for ROME (Italy) to run the show.

    BINGO!!!! Again fulfilling Biblical prophesies, the 7th Empire-The Last Empire-The Beast-The Roman Catholic Church-The Anti-Christ-The Papal=The POPE!!!!!!!

  • Really? and I always thought the head of the catholic church was highly religious, in the company of saints.

    • “White washed tombs on the outside, and full of dead men’s bones on the inside”.

      This is how Jesus Christ described the Pharisees and Sadducees when rebuked them for being hypocritical in their religion.

  • Thanks for the update.
    1 COVID-19 death in PNG.
    Can the health department update the nation on the number of deaths from other illnesses such as malaria, TB and pneumonia across PNG for the same period?
    Police Commissioner might want to update the nation on number of deaths resulting from violence/law and order issues for the same period.
    Seriously by announcing the odd case/death every few weeks proves the virus is not doing well in PNG.

  • Well people should keep their faiths and beliefs and still adhere to the COVID-19 policy. Your religious beliefs is for your soul to adhere to. The policy put in place to counter this pandemic is for your body. Am sure everyone of such would still find a way to compromise and work together. Let’s not create any anxiety amongst people but it would not be wise if you don’t get tested when showing symptoms.

  • I support Kindin above with his comments. There are more silent killer diseases such as Malaria, typhoid, TB, etc. Can the Controller and Deputy Controller provide us some comparative data/statistics. And non medical deaths such as killings, wilful murder, tribal fight deaths, attempted armed robbery deaths, deaths relating to sea piracy, and the list goes on.
    One more death from COVID 19 in Pom is not worth giving prominence in the media.

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